We're problem solvers in Eastern Europe and Turkey.

We're a marketing communications company. We're a public affairs and governmental relations company. We're a public relations and advertising company. We're the company you come to if you have a crisis.

We're a training company. We buy time and space for broadcast and print messages. We believe in new media and we believe in old media-whatever is the best route to success for our clients. Usually it's both.

We love to conduct promotions and have done so in virtually every region of Ukraine, Russia and Turkey where we have offices. We are also represented in Belarus, Moldova, and throughout Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Willard is the oldest public relations agency currently doing business in Ukraine, and one of the first advertising agencies, dating back to 1994. We entered the Russian market in 2001 and the Turkish market in 2005.

We represent some of the largest companies in the region, but, at the same time, believe in the entrepreneurial startup because it is our heritage as well. We have 80 professionals to serve you.

We are all these things. However, I prefer calling Willard problem solvers. It covers the territory.

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