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Willard Public Speaking


To speak in public is 90 per cent determination and 10 per cent talent. If you have the determination, we can bring out the talent in you.


Willard has been conducting training in effective public speaking for the last decade for some of the largest corporations in Ukraine and Russia. Our methodology is simple. We focus on what we call the “5 P’s” of communication:  Preparation, Presentation, Performance, Persuasion and Passion.


We mix professional coaching with on-camera exposure to make each individual comfortable before an audience. We wean the participant away from PowerPoint and make the speaker the star. By the end of the day, our guarantee is that you will be a persuasive speaker.

Coaching sessions are limited to no more than four individuals per session to give individual attention.

Value added: For your next speech or presentation, Willard will review it, offer suggestions, and even hold an hour-long practice session with you at no additional costs.

Willard Public Relations

We're not both a public relations company and an advertising company by accident. We believe the two disciplines compliment one another. Especially if you believe as we do that both are about the effective delivery of messages.

In Eastern Europe, we are not a typical  public relations agency. In other words, we don't do like most PR agencies do in the region. We don't buy news stories. We figure our grandmother could buy press in between knitting sweaters. That's not PR.

In one sense, public relations is about common sense. However, you rarely get a fee for practicing common sense; and, in truth, PR is about much, much more. It is not a discipline you pick up in a text book or a class room.

Sure, formal training can help, but it really takes coming through the crucible with real clients, in real situations with real people. In total, we have about 30 PR specialists. They have, as the saying goes, been there, done that.

We're talking crisis management and training, executive media training, presentation training, promotions and just simply giving good strategic advice to clients who come to us with issues that could become problems that could become crises.

We have public affairs specialists (read our bios), marketing specialists, media specialists and corporate affairs specialists on staff. We've handled everything from a major Olympic bid in Moscow to launching telecommunications services in Kyiv.

Our public relations practice is located in Kyiv, Moscow and Istanbul. It's headed up by Roman Diukarev, an unflappable crisis expert who is generally considered one of the best in Eastern Europe.

Oh, and in the wings is Michael Willard. He literally wrote the book on PR in Eastern Europe.

Want to hear more about Willard PR? Please contact President of Willard PR, Moscow-based Roman Diukarev, at diukarev@willardgroup.ru. Better still, give him a call at +7 985 786-0670
For Willard PR/Kyiv, contact Olga Willard at: Olga.Willard@twg.com.ua or call her at +380 50 357 4527.

Willard Advertising

For starters, we believe the best ad award an agency could ever win would be a nicely framed graph showing the client's sales on the rise. That's really the only thing our industry should be about-results. However, strategic creativity brings those results.

Over the years we have had success in advertising with such clients as Kraft, Philip Morris, Danone, Bel Groupe/Shostka, mobile companies  Astelite and MTS, UTEL, Ramstore, and many others which include dozens of brands.

  • For Kraft, we re-introduced the Korona brand and made it Ukraine's most famous chocolate tablet by teaming a rising young songstress, Ani Lorak, with the brand. We've worked with Kraft for a dozen years.
  • For Philip Morris we helped make the Bond Street brand the No. 1 seller in its category with vivid images and promotions. We've worked with P-M for the last 13 years.
  • We teamed up with Danone from the moment they entered Ukraine, launching every brand they have introduced to the country. Our Danone relationship goes back 11 years.
  • We won the Shostka cheese account prior to it being bought by Groupe Bel and have continued offering up winning advertising strategy for "real cheese."

Willard, with a strong in-house design team, was regionally named a preferred designer for both Philip Morris and Kraft

Willard has been a pioneering company in advertising in Ukraine. We have seen a multitude of changes in the market, and we have changed as well in terms of delivery platforms and emphasis. But one thing never changes-getting results.

Want to hear more about Willard Advertising, please contact our president of advertising, Tania Spiridonova, at Tatiana.Spiridonova@twg.com.ua. Better still, give her a call at (+380) 50 310 8935.

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