Strategic Approaches
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Dear Colleagues,

At Willard Public Relations Moscow we have what we call the "no tender/no pitch" philosophy. No, that doesn't mean we don't want your business. We do.

It simply means that we only enter pitches for very strategic reasons and in categories we know we can out-shine any agency around. We believe it is more important to serve our clients 100 per cent then to chase every tender that comes along.

If you were our client, we believe this dedication to your business is what you would want as well.

We believe we're the biggest little shop around. We have 15 extremely experienced professionals with experts in financial communications, business to business PR and marketing communications.

The fact is, in an industry that has the staying power of a butterfly's life, we have very little turnover at Willard Moscow. Most professional employees come and stay five plus years. Hence, all the experience.

We believe Willard employees stay because of the creative atmosphere and the fact we encourage flexible schedules and personal responsibility. Besides, we're a friendly group.

Like most agencies during crisis times we've had our ups and downs, but we've managed to weather the storm and come out stronger. Ninety-five per cent of our clients are multi-nationals.

We find these days that a lot of our work centers around something we like to think no one can do better-crisis trainings and crisis counseling and media training.

But, we've also done multi-million Euro projects in industrial developments, and helped get the city of Moscow shortlisted for the 2012 Olympics that eventually went to London.

We look forward to your knocking on our door.

Roman Diukarev,
president Willard Public Relations



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